jojoSOUL’s Partnership with Master Drum Builder Ibrahima Diokhane

My djembe is my love, my weapon, my tool.  I perform, teach, and write with my drum and have settled for nothing less than the finest authentic drum available.  This drum is built by Ibrahima Diokhane.  Ibrahima is a master drum builder from Senegal, Africa, who began building drums as a child.  He brought his craft to New York City in 1986 and sold his drums on the streets in the East Village and in Brooklyn.  He is now a grandfather and has continued to master his methods using authentic materials from Africa and innovating his creations, always remaining committed to quality and sound.

I am proud to announce my partnership with Ibrahima, and my new Drum Sales and Repairs section at the top of is your spot to find information on djembes, djun djun, sabar, kalimba, kora, balafon, bata, congas, shekere, bells, and any other percussion your heart desires. Please visit this new section and email me at to place orders, schedule repairs, and ask any questions about how I can help you find the finest drum available made by a master drum builder to suit your needs.

Thanks for your continued support, and I look forward to sharing my love for these drums with you!


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