1/21/16- Live Art Performance: TWINE 0116

Very excited to be a part of this LIVE collaboration!

Many thanks to Sophia Chizuco, Luis Martin, and Lizzy Zevallos for having me!

See you there!


This Thursday

Parenthesis Art Space/ BBS203 

January 21, 2016


Parenthesis Art Space and Brooklyn Brush Studios are excited to present Sophia Chizuco’s first solo project in NYC. Sophia has created a sight specific suspended sumi ink drawing on Chinese rice paper, measuring 130 feet long. The Artist uses a myriad of materials to arrive at planned and spontaneous mark making techniques to explore the central theme of “roots”.

The show opens with two performances in collaboration with dancer Lizzy Zevallos and musician jojoSOUL who will perform live sound. The performance will explore improvisational movement and sound while engaging the scale of the work on view and activating it’s negative space.

Performances 7:30pm & 8:30pm


After Party at Terra Firma


119 Ingraham Street

The party continues with an after party at Terra Firma where the Artist is showing “Flow” an egg shell chandelier along with a set of paintings. Come enjoy a specially curated sake drink inspired by Sophia Chizuco’s work.

Get out of the cold and join us.


See You Thursday! 

VIDEO: The Brooklyn Performance Combine

Check out this beautiful video of “The Brooklyn Performance Combine”

Presented by Norte Maar at the Brooklyn Museum- 11/1/14

“The Brooklyn Performance Combine” – featuring a durational performance mashup of
Brooklyn based poets, painters, and performers

Nov 1, 7-9pm

@ Brooklyn Museum / Beaux-Arts Court
200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn

This event if free.

featured appearances include:


Paul D’Agostino
Elaine Equi
Mika Harding
Jerome Sala
Sarah Schmerler

Amy Feldman, painter
Ryan Michael Ford, painter

Tamara Gonzales, painter
Susanna Heller, painter
Brooke Moyse, painter
Loren Munk, painter
Jessica Weiss, painter
Rachel Beach, sculptor
Ben Godward, sculptor
Jim Osman, sculptor

Josh Henderson, violist
Allie Pizzo, tap dancer
Jeff Feld (performing the only part of Robert Rauschenberg’s “Pelican” that he knows)
Mariel Roberts performing Tristan Perich’s piece for solo cello and six-channel 1-bit electronics
Brooklyn Ballet Youth Ensemble w Gleich Dances
Tiffany Mills Company
Edisa Weeks / Delirious Dances
Vangeline Theater

and William Powhida

Poster image credit: Rico Gatson

Related Press:
VIDEO: The Brooklyn Performance Combine

How Brooklyn missed Brooklyn, by James Panero, The New Criterion, December, 2014

Competition in Common: Art Around New York, by Susan Canning, Sculpture Magazine, December, 2014

Norte Maar to take over the Brooklyn Museum, by Katie Killary, Bushwick Daily, Oct 29, 2014

Brooklyn-Norte Maar presents its most ambitious collaborative event to date! The Brooklyn Performance Combine is a mashup of poets, painters, and performers at the Brooklyn Museum on November 1 from 7-9pm. The event coincides with the museum’s Target Free Saturdays and responds to the museum’s exhibition Crossing Brooklyn: Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and Beyond. The event is free.

Not so unlike the historic Theater Event #1 that took place at Black Mountain College during the summer of 1952, and Norte Maar’s own End of the World performance at English Kills, The Brooklyn Performance Combine Event unites all art forms in a fusion of poetry, sound, dance, and performance in a single cohesive 120-minute event. It will be epic.

A timer will start the countdown for the performance. Each artist will be programmed to begin and end at a time designated through chance operations within the 120-minute interval. At times a poet will be reading while a sound artist is performing. A dancer will enter, perform and depart. Sounds will overlap. There will be silence. Every aspect of the performance will be unrehearsed, live, spontaneous, and uninterrupted. Audiences can come and go as the event clock ticks out of time.


  • Community
  • Literary Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts

Just burned my damn pants, but I’m not backin down easy today. Take that, accident!

Playing with a ball in my yard with my dogs and I notice the burn, a familiar sigh for smokers. Not today though. I liked these damn pants and refuse to stop wearing them over this accident.

So, now the burn gets examined, focused upon, photographed by iPhone, tweaked by an app, and posted here to be shared with the collective conscious that is the internet.  Makes me feel a little harsh for spotlighting the burn’s absence of intention, though inspiration is short and sweet.

So, we’ll call it a draw.  Here’s the burn and a tweak, accident and reaction.  I’ll think of this confrontation when I wear the pants, and the pants will have only gained character and experience by then, while I hope to have limited my own emotional skirmishes with inanimate objects and natural accidents by then.

Congratulations burn- I’m proud of ya.

Bushwick Artist Marks Territory

“Piss on Purple Snow”
by Ozzie
Brooklyn, NY 1/21/12
Bushwick artist Ozzie takes up the offer the first snow accumulation provides this season. Now 84 dog years young, this humble veteran gifts us his first work of the new year the same week gallery owners sat down to plot and proceed with elevating Bushwick’s artists by bringing attention from Chelsea to the gallery-cluster developing in North Bushwick. In response to the growing attention and buzz surrounding the neighborhood, Ozzie gives us a warm embellishment upon a cold, continually changing surface, showing his commitment to pushing his work forward and providing us with an honest example of a mature artist who’s not afraid to let his work flow from within.

Image-Sampling: Analog to Digital

Top left- icon from MV-8800

Middle left- Analog tape box cover

Bottom left- Analog tape box cover

I have been really enjoying creating these “tweaks” on images I’ve captured.  When I am not in the lab concentrating on audio, I take images and re-work them with paralleled principles from sampling audio.

1. See or hear magic.

2. Capture it as best you can.

3. Tweak, infuse, embellish, and enjoy.

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