Made in New York from found materials.

Creating jewelry is a meditative practice of mine. I sit and create while listening to music for hours and hours, making small, unique turns on each small journey. The gift of handmade jewelry has always been special to me, and even more since I began teaching at juvenile detention facilities, where youths would make jewelry for each other and staff, and I was always grateful to receive a new custom piece.

The metal rings found in these works are “city seashells”. I seem to find them everywhere I go and always say they let me know I’m in the right place. Most are from the streets of New York City, and I also pick them up when traveling.

There is a very deep connection in this ritual, and I have seen it evolve throughout my life. It feels deeply natural and in flow, like no time passes when I do it. I can just create in peace, creating an artistic space for thinking and not-thinking. The meditative time and energy that go into these pieces give power to each piece, and I make them with intention to bring joy, beauty, confidence, protection, and spirit.

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