Teaching Artist

A parting gift from staff at closed Juvenile Detention facility where I began teaching as a NYS Vendor in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

Focused activity.  Meditation.  Balance.  Healing.  Emotional expression.  Self-care.  Mindfulness.  Listening.  Discipline.  Self-confidence.  Understanding.  Creativity.

Drumming, DJ mixing, and music skills are the tools for lessons which have evolved to be far more than music.

-Learn to Drum– drumset, djembe/percussion, rhythm, music theory and education, technique, rhythm, style.

-Learn to DJ– vinyl records on turntables, samples, Serato, beatmatching, selection, technique, rhythm, style.

-Learn to calm and focus– focused activity, time and rhythm, listening, meditative action.

-Learn to live– support, care, positivity, mindfulness, gratitude, stress relief, balance.

Events, lessons, and workshops are generally one hour sessions, available for individuals and groups.  All teaching programs can be fine-tuned to an event’s specific needs.

Entertainment, education, wellness, recreation, celebration, healing, mentoring.

Contact: info@newyorkwild.life


“jammin’ with jojo”  and “Back to the Beat” are group workshops and interactive classes instructed by jojoSOUL- percussionist, DJ, performer, and teaching artist.

jojo combines elements of performing arts, rhythm studies, and movement and expression, with balance and coordination, listening and communicating, and improvising to develop artistic enjoyment and music education.  By utilizing a drum circle to engage the students, the lesson is developed from live instrumentation in rhythm and dance, to sampling, looping, and creating songs with sound ingredients created by the students themselves.  Rhythm principles of percussion and dance are explored and translated to music production techniques and various performance applications.  

-Facilitating a Musical Setting to Promote Students Engagement and Exploration of Rhythm, Sampling, Music Construction, Sound Identification, and Group Cooperation and Interaction

-Establishing Strong Listening Skills and Engaging Multiple Motor Skills Simultaneously while Listening, Creating, Communicating, Expressing, and Enjoying

-Building Strong Improvisation Skills within Music Performance, Songwriting, and Dance

-Exploring Sound Recording and Playback through Sampling, Recording Voices, Sounds, and Instruments, and Understanding How to Add Them as Layers and Overdubbing

-Exercising Active Listening and Focus, Names and Use of Instruments, Basic Strokes and Tones of Instruments, Obtaining Various Sounds from One Drum/Instrument, Sharing Instruments

-Understanding the Beat and Counting, Pulse, Marching to the Beat, Synchronizing Movement to Beat

-Recognizing Relationship of Music and Dance, Listening and Interpreting Music During Dance, Musical Cues for Dynamics and Tempo

-Awareness of Sounds, Interpreting Found Sounds, Sounds of Environment, Rhythms of Daily Life and World Around Us

-Exploring the Use of Rhythm and Movement across Different Music Styles

-Soloing- Listening and Supporting Others, Reciprocating, Confidence to Share your Expression

-Self-Expression Through Music and Dance, Exploring Ideas, Movements, and Sounds while Playing, Using Ideas of Likes, Favorites, Interests, to build a Unique and Rewarding Personal Expression

-Call and Response, Recognizing Cues in Playing

-Phrasing, Counting Measures, Understanding Parts of Songs, Duration and Time

-Participation, Engagement, and Enthusiasm for Performing, Sharing Emotions to Audience, Assessing Mood and Feeling while Playing, Emphasizing Enjoyment

-Motor Skills, Hand Coordination, Muscle/Physical Exercise, Reaction Speed

-Using Accents, Alternating Patterns, Phrases

-Playing Music in a Social Setting, Group Ethics, Adjusting and Balancing your Contribution to the Sound of the Whole


Drum/Percussion Workshops- I’ll bring the drum circle to YOU!

 All ages, any event (perfect for birthday parties, group lessons, etc.)

-Providing a full range of skills and enjoyment for a fun and educational experience

-Teaching key principles of rhythm, drumming, listening and how they relate to playing and sharing music

-Attendees will learn to count rhythm in beats, and relate these beats to dancing, walking, and marching

-Children will learn the importance of listening to each other, allowing for solos, call and response, and dynamics

-Each student will play and share various percussion instruments (djembes, doumbek, shakers, tambourine, bongos, hand drums, cowbell, etc.)

*To book an event/celebration, or host a group class – contact info@newyorkwild.life

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